How to Market a Self-Published Book

Chances are that you are a self-publisher if you have just written a book. It is important to ensure that your book reaches the right hands, and this comes through an effective marketing plan. Continue reading below to learn more about how to market your self-published book in an effective manner.

1. Make Social Media Pages

Social media is so popular among audience members of every age. Try to set up an account on each social media site for your book or as an author page. Interact with the audience members who visit your page and who comment on your posts.

2. Ask for Reviews

The first few people who purchase your book may be friends or family members. No matter who these first few customers are though, ask them to leave a review about your book. Customers trust other customers and that trust can come from a review that they read.

3. Make a Website

make sure that you have a website in which customers can find out more information about you and about your book. Consider adding a blog in which you can share the story of writing or can share tips on writing to really make it personalized.

4. Use Email Marketing

When customers visit your website or meet you in person, offer a signup option. The customer will provide his or her email address to help you start building an email list. You can also receive the email from purchases though, then you can use that list to send periodic advertisements and newsletters.

5. Learn from Others

It is important to always think of what has made other authors successful. Consider the designs of their books and the design of their websites. Look for keywords that can help customers find your site or your book.

Self-publishing a book can be an exciting venture for you to take. In order for it to become successful, however, you have to meet the right customers. Use the marketing advice above to help you secure the leads and customer base you need.