How to Record Your Audiobook

If you are an author, you may have several print books, or at least one. If it has found tremendous success, you may be ready to record an audiobook to reach even more customers and make your current customers even happier. It is possible to do it yourself as seen in the information below.

Create a Studio at Home

If you want to completely record your audiobook yourself, make a studio at home. Try to make it soundproof, and use equipment and software that is high-quality. Make sure that the space is completely quiet, or it will not be worthwhile by the guidelines.

Follow the Guidelines

As mentioned, it is so important, if you are making a home studio, to follow the audiobook guidelines. If you are using a software like Audible, for instance, it requires no background noise. Turn off any electronics and any systems in your home that may be creating even the faintest of sounds.

Gather Your Equipment

When you can ensure that your studio is soundproof, start gathering the equipment that you will need. You will need a laptop and headphones with a microphone to reduce feedback issues. Purchase the recording software that you need and use a filter to keep sounds minimal.

Go to a Studio

If you cannot make the space in your home soundproof, you will most likely have to go to a studio. Book a time slot that matches how long your book will take to record. Ensure that your throat is ready and hydrated as well.

Start Recording

When recording, whether at home or at a studio, make sure that you speak in a steady and concise manner. Make sure that you enunciate all of your words and do not skip words in your book.

An audiobook can be just what you need to take you to the next level of authorship. Make sure that you follow the standards for recording by avoiding any background noise and by speaking clearly while recording every single word of your book.