About the Edmonton Small Press

The Edmonton Small Press is a phoenix story in which a former small print press association with an early online presence was bought and repurposed for today’s online world of small press publishing. We have a dual purpose that hopes to get more value out of the content produced by countless writers. Just because your writing isn’t right for the traditional publishing world doesn’t mean it has no place at all.


Recycle Your Rejects or Take On a Topic

Okay, it doesn’t have to be actually be rejected by anything. Maybe you’ve been doing some journaling that you never imagined would be submitted for publication but which you don’t mind sharing. Maybe it’s a college paper that you’re proud of and you think people may still want to read about. Maybe a short fiction story can be used to provide anecdotal color on a topic-relevant site. Or maybe you have some writing and a topic you want to learn and write about even more. You don’t have to know the latest methods for website creation. You don’t have to know the nuances of promoting websites through digital marketing and search engine optimization. You don’t have to go out and find revenue opportunities for your website. You just have to write about what you know. We maintain a powerful and wide-ranging blog network where your writings can find an audience. We’re also in the process of developing promising websites that writers can adopt as their own.


Small Press Tips and Reviews

In our limited experience and somewhat less limited hearsay stories, the trick really seems to be finding a small press publisher who uses their independent cred to innovate and experiment with their authors—we’re talking now less about the writing process now and more about the promotional side of publishing—but who also want use so-called “flexibility” to treat the authors who write for them unfairly. Some of this you can control for by doing your due diligence and seeing what other authors and publishers have to say about that small press.


Here’s another thing we’ve learned: It’s one thing to trust your editor and publishing company. It’s another thing to get the information you need to make the best possible decision by asking the questions, whatever they may be, that you need answered. Interested in learning more about the Edmonton Small Press and the opportunities and resources we have to offer writers of all stripes.



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