The Advantages of Working with a “Big Five” Publisher

If you want to work with a large publisher, you’re probably in the wrong place; we at Edmonton Small Press pride ourselves on the ability to publish everything and anything. With few limitations and a wide set of venues, we want to make publishing easier for those who are interested.

However, if you want to work with a big publisher, we won’t stop you. In fact, there are several benefits to working with one of the “Big Five” publishers—Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Macmillan Publishers, Penguin Random House, and Sion and Schuster. Below, we have listed our top three reasons to work with one of these big-name literary venues.

1. Your book will reach a larger audience. A larger publisher has access to a greater number of sales channels, meaning your book is more likely to be picked up by a reader. Additionally, your work will be in the publisher’s seasonal catalog and available via wholesale distributors, increasing distribution range and efficiency.

2. The marketing and publicity support will be intense. Good reviews of your book can significantly increase its publication life, and these reviews are easily accessed with the help of a big publisher marketing team. Moreover, you’ll receive professional marketing assistance in the form of targeted advertisements, release parties, and scheduled readings.

3. You’ll experience several rounds of diverse editing processes. On the way to publication, a book can go through dozens of rounds of editing; some will concern global changes, such as those relating to plot, whereas other will address only local, sentence-level shifts. The more eyes you have on your work, the more feedback you will get.